Be Nice

I have a problem with keeping my hands from touching my face or my hair. Let's not talk about it.
Like most women, I have had my fair share of looking at my body and ripping it to shreds with my thoughts and words. The last while I have become especially critical of it and I assumed everyone else saw me as I saw me: troublesome skin, big arms, big legs, unmanageable hair. 

Then the other day I was talking with some friends and I made a comment about my body. The response that came opened my eyes and I thought, "they don't see what I see." I don't know if that realization made me feel happy or sad. But the goal now is to try and stop beating myself up and compliment myself more. I'm starting here with 3 things I like about my body. 

1. my hands
2. my collar bone
3. my ears

That last one is a weird thing to say and now you're all going to go up to look at my ears. Whatever, okay. Let's all be nicer to our bodies. Now tell me three nice things about you.


  1. You take such beautiful photos! What kind of lens do you typically use? (I just got a 50mm lens and I feel like taking photos of oneself could be so complicated...)

  2. Bree you're perfect! Don't even fret. I love my toes. I've always loved my toes. They're small, cute and perfect.


  3. It makes me immensely sad that so many of us women are in the same boat, holding ourselves under a magnifying glass. We have no trouble seeing the beauty in our friends, but when it comes to us....
    Good on you for stepping up and deciding to celebrate your own unique, God-given beauty!
    As for my three things:
    1. my green eyes
    2. the teeny dimple in my right cheek
    3. my (unmanageable) curly red hair

  4. You are lovely through and through. It's completely natural to feel that way -- so try not to beat yourself up for the act of feeling that way for time to time. Sometimes folks switch completely to the other side of the spectrum -- demanding perfection of thought, total acceptance of and gratitude for your body all the time. But demanding that level of perfection in behavior is no less debilitating than demanding our bodies to be perfect. You know? Feeling things is good. But I hope it helps you to know you're right -- the rest of us don't see you that way, even a little bit. It helps to remember that even the woman who seems to have it together, to be completely confident -- the one you want to emulate -- she's got her own suitcase full of insecurities, too. Remember even Mary felt inadequate to birthe Jesus. Remember Jesus felt inadequate to bear the burdens he bore, at times. You are perfect in God's sense of the word -- not the world's sense of the world. Which is a much better kind of perfection.

    (And, I alway say my collarbone, and hands, too! Also my lips, and the mole below my knee.)

    1. world's sense of the word* ughhhh. ; )

  5. i totally went up and looked at your ears. :p you have very very nice ears, just saying. ;)
    for me:
    i. my lips.
    ii. my freckles.
    iii. my curly hair. (even though it's a total pain in the butt sometimes.)

  6. That's funny, I never really look at my ears. ha.
    1. my eyes
    2. my smile
    3. my beauty marks (moles)

    Us women are soooo weird. You're very pretty :)

  7. dude, collarbones are awesome.
    i like my hands, collarbones, and my smile. and the mole right next to my lips. also pizza. that was a lot. sorry. :P

  8. I think you are absolutely beautiful! I know what you mean though about others not seeing what we see. I think in life, we will always be our biggest critic. As long as we know that, it makes it a little easier...

  9. My body image has improved a lot recently. I've tried to focus on what my body can do, not how it looks. I love how my body is an instrument to experiencing life and i can see to take pictures, my hands work well enough to play an instrument and my legs can run for 13.2 miles.

  10. Okay so this was perfect. I used this in my Dance Company class today. I had them all look at your pictures and then I read them what you wrote. After, I had them all tell the class (there are only 11 of them) 3 things that they like about themselves physically. It is really hard for girls at that age (and any age) to be secure in the positive aspects of their lives. I did have one requirement, though - as they were telling us the 3 positive things, they were not allowed to say anything negative about themselves. It was really hard for them and I think really good for them. It was funny because all the girls could list off at least 5 things they liked about the girl who was suppose to be saying things about herself but they had such a hard time coming up with their own.
    After they were done, I went around and told them all something that I have noticed that is unique and beautiful about each one of them. It was a really good lesson, thanks to you. So thanks for sharing.
    Oh, and you're smokin'.

    1. This is the nicest story! :) Kamarie you sweetie!

  11. You are cute as a button - no seriously! I am TERRIBLE at beating myself up... always down on myself. My man often says things like "don't you DARE speak like that about my girlfriend." eeek.
    I like my smile, it is cheesy - I like my eyes, I got them from my nana - I like my skin, also thanks nana!

    Emma. x

  12. My eyes, my thighs (for they were made to be strong), and my arms. :)

  13. I have the same problem, I just don't accept myself... But I think you're very beautiful, honestly.
    Three things I try to like about me:
    - my blue-green eyes
    - my curly hair
    - the colour of my skin :)

  14. Thank you for posting this! I've been thinking about this a lot lately because I'm stupidly hard on myself and so many of my beautiful, smart, hilarious, talented friends beat themselves up about the way that they look. And I'm so damn sick of it that I could scream. We need to start a revolution of self-acceptance, because I'm not sure that I know a single woman who loves herself just as she is. Anyway, rant over - I like my strong legs (which I used to hate b/c I thought they weren't "feminine" enough), my freckles, and my eyes.


  15. Hmmm.

    My big blue eyes.
    My figure.
    the colour of my hair.

    (PS I kind of really like this idea!)

  16. PPS You actually do have really nice ears. :)

  17. This is my third comment but whatever. :P

    Okay, so I just wanted to point out that you truly are beautiful. When I first saw your blog, I did not at ALL think of you with "troublesome skin, big arms, big legs, unmanageable hair". I thought you were a beautiful slim woman with lovely (might I say silky-looking) hair -- you have a beautiful figure!

    Just sayin'. :)

  18. Thank you so much for this post. It has been especially hard for me for the past few months and I'm so sick of beating myself up about my body. I feel like it's so easy to see the most beautiful qualities in others, but it's extremely difficult to find the good in ourselves. I agree with you in that we need to compliment ourselves more often and love what we have been given. I used to have that exact shirt by the way, and this post really made me miss it! :)

  19. I'm glad this post has inspired so many thoughtful and uplifting comments. As Chloe just stated, it's hard to compliment and flatter ourselves, and we should definitely do it more often :)

    1. My eyes

    2. My legs (I always think I look like a giraffe, but we have a love/hate relationship. I feel like a gazelle when I run)

    3. My lips. They have freckles lightly dripped on them and I love them :)

  20. Hmmm....good thoughts. Ok. I don't often think about what I like, so this is interesting.
    1. Eyes
    2. Hands
    3. Mouth (I really mean lips I guess)

  21. i've found myself doing this a lot lately, ripping my body image to shreds and then immediately feeling guilty for caring so bloody much. But I love genuine sweet reminders like this. (I like my nose, my lips, and my calves <---it's a weird one but what can ya do)

  22. Hahaha! I went up and looked at your ears. You have some fiiine ears ;)

    1. My lips
    2. My hair color
    3. My nose

  23. Dude. You're effing gorgeous. Three things I like about myself;
    1) My legs
    2) My eyes
    3) My ears

  24. Yeah, as girls we seriously need to embrace our bodies and how beautifully diverse we all are :)
    one// my eyes
    two// my eyebrows (lol)
    three// my legs

  25. New follower here!
    We girls are far too critical if ourselves! You're a beautiful young lady!
    Let me see...
    1. My hair
    2. My eyes
    3. And I also like my hands!
    I feel sort of funny posting this, not because I don't like myself,
    But it seems goofy to post a comment about myself lol!
    A modest fashion blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  26. My favourite thing about my body is my wrists. I've always loved em even in my darkest of dark times. And I still do. I reckon thats a pretty weird thing to be your favourite.

    1. I've always liked my wrists too! :)

  27. Thank you for this post! Self love is a great thing to meditate on, because we often forget to appreciate our bodies for what they do!

    1. my body's ability for strong and graceful movement
    2. my long bottom eye lashes
    3. my 6 feet and 1 inch

    I am loving your blog girl!