Lady Luna

The other day the moon was so bright and big. I had to stop in my tracks and make myself stay in the cold for a little bit longer to stare at her. 

I saw Gravity twice in the theater. Not because I was particularly in love with the film, but it just happened that way. Both times when Sandra Bullock's character is thrown from the ship and spinning out into space, I was reduced to tears and cringing from that deep pit at the bottom of your stomach feeling. Space makes me feel so incredibly vulnerable and small. I'll be honest, I don't hate that feeling. Those tears and that pit are not necessarily associated with sadness. I guess it's mostly fear. It's the fear of being left alone in my nothingness. I am the smallest of the small and I can do nothing on my own. I find power in this awareness because it causes me to look for God. I need the reminder much more often than I should.


  1. beautiful, beautiful words. and those photos are breathtaking!

    1. Thanks! I actually took them when we were living in Texas. :)

  2. Such gorgeous photos. I haven't seen that movie but I want to. And I understand that feeling and have had dreams where I'm floating in space. Vulnerable is the perfect word.

  3. i love this, and i relate so much!

  4. That movie. My hubs was actually super annoyed at that part, ha.
    And man! There are so many other planets out there...with people. It's both unsettling and exciting.

  5. Have you seen this TED talk Chris Hadfield did about fear?


    It was really interesting listening to what he had to say about it, especially in relation to him being an astronaut.

    You write with such emotion, Bri. This was a beautiful post. And those photos are stunning. Lady Luna, in all her glory :)

  6. The moon is super hard to make look as good as you have here. Lovely photos!