READ Instead // 04

The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury || This book took me a rather long time to get through. Mostly because it just didn't grab me, so I almost didn't finish it. I really love Ray Bradbury but I have a hard time with short story literature. Which is unfortunate since that is what the majority of his work is, short stories. The Illustrated Man is constructed of 18 short stories as well as a prologue and epilogue that kind of tie it all together. With every narrative, I either loved it or couldn't wait to finish it. I have no in between when it comes to short stories. A few of the ones I really loved were The Veldt, The Man, The Fox and The Forest, and Marionettes, Inc. You can look up and find just those stories if you are not interested in reading the whole book.

If I were going to recommend a Bradbury book it would be Dandelion Wine. It is also a book of short stories but they are all connected and weave in and out of one another. It's one of the most colorful, inspiring books I've ever read. So if you're looking for a Ray book, check out Dandelion Wine.


  1. Did you ever try reading Fahrenheit 451? It was my first Bradbury experience, but I loved it!

    1. Yes, but it was for a class and I had a deadline so I didn't read it as slowly as I'd have liked. It's on my list to reread some day.

  2. Have you ever read Clive Barker? He has a book called "Abarat" that you might like. It's a little sic-fi and fantasy, but he's a fantastic writer.

    Also: all hail Ray Bradbury.

  3. yes, dandelion wine! i heard that Bradbury fought to keep his books from going to e-books his whole life. his books are now digital, but i think it's great that he fought so hard for that :)

  4. Just found you blog, and it's such a refreshing read! I'll be coming back. I really enjoy how you do your book posts. (Finding Joy in All Things)

  5. dandelion wine is an all-time favorite :)

  6. This was actually the exact short story collection I was reading last week! I loved Marionettes, Inc. and The Last Night of the World were my favorites. :)