Read My Lips // Little Ladyfolk

I find confidence in my man, my family, my friends, and those that I haven't met yet. 
I find confidence in small fiction novels about people with big hearts. 
I find confidence in showing that "silly" is lady-like. 

My shade is Funny Face by NARS. Lipstick, to me, is the most important part of a make-up regime because it pulls people's eyes to your mouth. Which helps people realize that, yes even as a woman, I have something worth saying! Lipstick doesn't make you beautiful, you already are, but it sure can help you feel beautiful….and, that….that is a wonderful thing.

My dear Mandi! I love her so. It was so fun to take these photos and learn a little more about her. Make sure to check out her blog, Little Ladyfolk.


  1. Mandi! i love your dress! and your words. definitely love your words.

  2. That last sentence you said, Mandi, that is inspiring! And you are amazing for saying that, it sure feels incredible to feel beautiful. You, my lady, sure are. Not because of your looks (though it's pretty as well) but because of your heart ;)

  3. She is a wise woman! I like what she had to say! Plus she is super beautiful!

  4. she's so cute! what what a dream dress!

  5. This is lovely! I love the photos and what you've written. I gave my best friend a bold lipstick for her birthday thinking that i would help her feel beautiful. <3