Adding My Declaration to All the Fall Love

I know everyone is talking about how much they love Autumn, but I am still going to add my voice to the commotion. The last few years I have realized how much I really don't care for Summer. I love the colder months. Living outside of Colorado for a few years really made me only long for the cold more. In defense of Texas, although the cold months didn't last long, winter was just an extended Fall. So it made it a little better. Jordan is always telling me what the weather forecast is and this last month he would always tell me with glee, "Temperatures should be dropping!" Hooray.

Things I am loving about this time of year:
Changing colors
Pumpkin everything (Yeah I'm going to be that person. But you try pumpkin eggnog and tell me you're not a pumpkin person)
Moccasins and Layers
Making a big pot of soup for dinner
Finding an album to devote to the season, mine has been the new The Head and the Heart 
Anticipation of the holidays (I've already started watching Christmas movies, judge me)
My increased consumption of tea
Socks! (I seriously almost never wear socks but since my feet are unbearably cold starting this time of year, I am forced to wear them. When I remember it is wonderful)  


  1. i grew up in california, where there is seriously no seasonal changes. i've lived in utah for almost 8 years now & i fall more & more in love with fall every single year. it's the best time of year. &i'm loving the new head & the heart album also, so, so good!


  2. i can't get enough of all the odes to fall popping up on blogs -- yours is so great to see and read!

  3. I moved to Colorado from Texas 10 years ago. I remember my first Fall thinking, "Wow! So THIS is what leaves changing colors is all about!" In Texas, they went from green to black....here, they really do turn red and orange and yellow! :)

    1. Where in Texas were you? I remember changing leaves in Houston it just didn't come til later in the year.

  4. I want mocassins this year. It's about time, I mean seriously!


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  5. I can't help but join with you! I feel like most of my posts are going to be reflecting my love for autumn (oops) for the next month or so. This time of year is always my favorite because I too LOVE colder weather (I was meant to live in the mountains, I know it!) and all of my favorite holidays are all in a row. <3 Those moccs are so cute! one of my friends has the same pair !
    Xo, Emma

    Oh and pumpkin everything please and thank you!

  6. Everyone is a pumpkin person for very good reason :) And tea and socks and soup? Heck yes. It's just a wonderful season all around.

  7. Yes! There is no shame in loving this season. I love pumpkin eggnog but my favorite is cinnamon! Have you had it? I drank like fifty homemade cinnamon eggnog lattes last year. It makes it feel like you're drinking some fancy coffeeshop drink when you're sitting in your PJs.

    Also that picture of donuts just solidified that I'll be making donuts tonight.

  8. I love Fall too. Summer is so meh. It's too hot, and I get miserable when I am so hot. Fall is the perfect weather.

  9. those donuts + moccasins are both top notch.

  10. you're my opposite in terms of weather preferences! love your moccs :) super cute

  11. Nice photos! I really love Autumn it's my favorite. I love in Pennsylvania so it's nice to experience all the seasons since I know not everyone does. Fall is just so beautiful.

  12. Autumn is the best! I love it so much that I never get sick of people talking about how great it is- I'm totally on the same page!

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  13. Those donuts look so delicious!

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  15. And that song by Regina Spektor, "Time is All Around"

  16. We've made so much soup this autumn! It makes a chilly fall day perfect along with some good tunes. Loving the new The Head and the Heart album too!!

  17. I loved YOUR post on autumn. I love being able to cuddle up with fuzzy socks & a big cup of tea. P.S. thanks for the advice on car buying, I appreciate it more than you know! You're the greatest.

  18. I completely love this autumn post! Im not a winter person by nature, but the time in between summer and fall is my favourite. When I can break out the tanned leather, sheep fur vests and the moc's.. I start to warm up a little to the cold fall days.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  19. Yes, love the fall! I was just talking to a friend about how if we could just stay in October, November, and December, that would be grand. As a New England baby, I also really appreciate the changing seasons...give me some brisk and chilly as opposed to hot and muggy anytime!

  20. Aww, all these things also make me so happy! My boyfriend and I have also gotten really into Head and the Heart, recently. They're the perfect autumn album.


  21. SUCH gorgeous photos!! I and agree with everything on your list, autumn is so special :)
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  22. Seriously in love with these images. The colors are so vibrant!

    Xo, Hannah


  23. Autumn is the loveliest season! These photos look evocative and nostalgic, so adorable :) x

  24. I know what you mean about summer. My sister and I both get actually depressed for a few months. something strange about it. and p.s. if you like pumpkin, you need to try pumpkin liqueur!! Sooo delicious. Cheers to fall!