Read My Lips // Smile Me Pretty

1. I find confidence in challenges that force you to recognize who you are and where you stand
2. I find confidence in sharing love, and in turn deepening my capacity for it.
3. I find confidence in creativity, whether from within myself or observing it in others.

The first time I put on red lipstick was two years ago. I was in dire need of confidence and I had it in my mind that you never saw someone wearing red lipstick who was sad, so if I put it on I would simply have no excuse to remain down in the dumps. It worked, oh it worked so splendidly! A bold color is perfect for those days when you need to assert who you are while simultaneously embracing your femininity. Red lips encourage me to be daringly comfortable in my own skin. 

Emma is wearing MAC's Ruby Woo. I only found Emma's blog a few months ago but it has quickly become one of my favorites. She is so cute and sweet and honest on her site. She is definitely someone I'd like to be friends with in real life. Thanks for stopping by, Emma. Find more of her at Smile Me Pretty.


  1. I love Emma's blog and this series! I have a passion for lipstick and this is great!

  2. True words. And you are so incredibly good-lookin'! xo

  3. Oh she is too cute! Checking out her blog now :)

  4. Ooh, is she cute or what?


  5. I am also a lover of this series :) And I love this girl already, especially with her views of her confidence in numbers 2 and 3. I'm off to mosey over to her blog, thanks Bee :)

  6. OH my goodness! I love all the blogs that you show in these series. i have found so many new ones that I can't wait to follow.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  7. I love her blog! And all of your Read My Lips. Lipstick is absolutely one of my favorite things. And to quote a lovely movie "A girl just can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick" - Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Ah I love this all.


  8. i love emma, again i've never met her but i love her blog. she is so honest, beautiful and seriously talented.


  9. Fun post!
    I just bought a bright fuchsia lipstick and I'd have to agree it makes me feel a little more confident.


  10. I'm a huge fan of this series---I think you're one of the few bloggers that has hit the sweet spot with sponsoring: I know I can always expect the most quality bloggers to be on your site, and I actually take the time to click over because you've been so selective with the people you link to. Keep up the book work, Bri!

  11. cuteee! and I totally agree with you. I first started wearing red lipstick about 6 months ago, and I swear. I can not be sad when I do. :D

  12. That's a stage I still have to reach. Red lipstick, I think I never left my four walls with it on my lips, and it s not up to the fact I don't like it, just in my mind it always looks great on others, but not on me. It's time something to be done, first in my head I guess:)

  13. and it's beautiful on you, doll. i love red lipsticks.