The Four-ff of July

Happy America Day! I love me some July 4th. I got my stripes and red white and blue on. Also a tiger in 3D glasses because he likes the 4th too. I'm spending most of the day by myself while Jordan works. I'm trying to fill my day with as many "USA, July 4th, American-esque" things I can. So I've been listening to Michael Jackson this morning. I made a spread of healthy red white and blue snacks. I will probably be watching The Sandlot some time today. Also, /going to get a blue slurpee/ is on my list of things to do. 

All of these are things that make me feel american, apparently.

Jordan and I are planning to watch the fireworks later tonight. Feeling very blessed that he doesn't have to work and can enjoy them. Homeboy loves fireworks, but mostly he likes shooting them off (too bad, not in Colorado). Hope you all have a wonderful day and get to spend it with loved ones, or at least good food. :)


  1. Lovely table and clothes!! the food looks good, have a nice 4 of july

  2. Your outfits are so adorable! Love the shirt :) I can't wait to watch fireworks tonight. And the Slurpee is a great idea!

  3. Girl if i had graphic T's like this, my opinions on them would totally change. Where do you find these?

    also, photo questions: whats your favorite VSCO preset?

  4. Sounds like you had a great and relaxing 4th! I'm loving your shirt too, so funky!


  5. I love ur sneakers! Where did you get those?