Morning Doughnuts

I spent a lot of my childhood eating doughnuts that I didn't really care for because everyone was always, "Oh doughnuts, so good." Finally somewhere in high school I realized I didn't like them and decided to sever any ties I had to the doughnut realm.

Generally I had no problem with refraining from doughnuts and occasionally expressing my distaste for them. UNTIL (because this wouldn't be a story ((is this a story?)) without an until) I realized there are REAL doughnuts out there that are like cake that you can really sink your teeth into. Everything I thought I knew was suddenly floundering and I didn't know how to fit this new information into my don't consume doughnuts lifestyle. The problem is, the general definition for "doughnuts" in a suburban community is atrocious things like krispy kreme or sugar covered in what they say is chocolate but looks and tastes like no chocolate I have ever had. Why you would ever want to put one of these in your body is beyond me.

Anyways, whenever it was that I realized I had been lied to my entire life, I started letting doughnuts back into my life. I am a salty over sweet about 90% of the time but during that 10% I have been known to eat a doughnut. As long as it is the furthest thing from Krispy Kreme or the grocery store bakery. These are probably my favorite in the whole world and you can actually get them at Walmart.

All this to say that I went out the other morning while Jordan was still asleep and surprised him with doughnuts for breakfast. 


  1. I have a similar story! It wasn't until recently when I discovered my town had a doughnut truck ( that makes cake doughnuts! ) did I fall in love. I could eat one everyday!

  2. "Finally somewhere in high school I realized I didn't like them and decided to sever any ties I had to the doughnut realm." That's how I feel. I actually just went on a youth trip where the breakfast was a choice between doughnuts and granola bars....needless to say I picked the granola. Still not a fan, lol Maybe one day I'll find "the" doughnut to convert me for life haha :)

  3. These photos are great and kind of make me miss donuts :(

  4. the only donuts i really like are the ones my grandpa used to bring me from a local-ish bakery. those are still my favourite, the chocolate topping was for real delicious.

  5. i love a good doughtnut! my favorites though are the ones that are so soft and moist, like a french pastry!

  6. new follower! i love your blog. your photos and layout are amazing!!!

    xoxo kerri

  7. mmmm I bought mini doughnuts to work the other day and ate.....'some' :)

  8. Everything look so yummy!

    Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

  9. man, this looks like the best idea ever! i love the way you write and the way you capture little moments.

  10. I just stumbled across your blog tonight and am absolutely in love with your photography! What are you shooting with? Simply gorgeous.

    You've gained a sure follower.


  11. i absolutely love doughnuts! i buy cinnamon rolls in my school every day. wonderful pictures + post :)


  12. Oh, yes. Yum. REAL doughnuts are the best.
    And these pictures? So perf. xo