Fruita, CO

Over the weekend I did a little exploring by myself in Fruita. Jordan is rightfully exhausted by the end of his work week and I wanted to give him time to rest. The farmer's market was going on and I walked around a bit. One of the vendors gave me an apricot to try and it was so delicious. 

The thrift store down there is fun too. It's one of those ones that feels like everything has an extra layer of grime on it and it's all roughly 50 cents for anything. I've found a few things there before.

The last stop was The Hot Tomato which has the best pizza I have ever had aside from New York pizza. If you are ever passing between Utah and Colorado, it would be in your best interest to stop at The Hot Tomato. I brought home two slices of their Granny's Pesto for Jordan and I and then went into a happy pizza coma.


  1. fruita is so cute. i love their main street. we went mountain biking there earlier this summer but i would go back just to walk around for the day.

  2. Looks like I'd love it there! It's so hot here right now (Texas), so I've been dreaming about Colorado! :)

  3. Ah! I am so glad that you get to enjoy Fuita. I love that little place. :D

  4. I love your photos! You are so talented. :) It is great to see all the places you discover and the things you get to see. I would love to take a trip to Colorado. :)


  5. Looks so lovely and bright! Exploring by yourself is so very Thoreau-esque. Glad to have found your blog :)!

  6. You sound really happy there. That makes me happy. How fun to be in a totally new place where everyday you get to explore new things. I'm only a tiny bit jealous.