A Little Lady

After a nice lunch date with a fellow photographer lady, I walked down to an antique shop that I literally got lost in. So many nooks and crannies, I just kept walking in hopes that I would eventually make it back to the front. Those are the best kind of antique shops. Especially if they have the right antiques. Oh, and this place did. It did. 

I found an old camera for under 3 dollars. Which was perfect because I'm adding to my collection to display on our bookshelf. I then found a basket full of old photos that I rifled through for long enough that once I stood up I felt like my legs were going to split at the knee. I would say 60% of the photos in said basket were of this little lady above. I don't know why, but I felt this connection with her. Maybe more of a fascination, but nevertheless. On the back of one of the photos it said, "age 14".

I like to believe with my whole heart that these are self-portraits. If I found out tomorrow that she was a muse for some amateur photographer, I wouldn't be devastated. But I FEEL like these are self-portraits and maybe that is why I was drawn to her. Sometimes self portraits come off as conceited or showy. I believe that they can be so much more than that and I get so torn between that belief and others' criticism. So while flipping through the stack of old photos, I saw this girl and with each new image I felt like she was saying, "I get you. There is more to this than meets the average eye." 

And I love her for that.


  1. I love this. The pictures, the story, the feeling...this is a step above blogging. It's beautiful.

  2. We used to have a huge labyrinthine antique store like that, with a box full of Victorian photos that I would look through for ages. I never lucked out and found more than 2 photographs of the same person though - you are so lucky to have discovered these! There's something very haunting about the images you've posted, and in the way you've told their story. I would love to see more.

  3. She looks JUST LIKE the sweetheart from the blog Little Ladyfolk! Your friend! Twinsies for sure!

  4. wow, okay. those pictures are stunning. so cool that you found them! i'm currently reading this book called "self portrait photography" by natalie dybisz, and this post reminded me of that. you should look it up, I think you might really love it! :)

  5. I love self portraits. They are so hard to do for me. I feel most natural behind a camera. Have you seen Sig Harvey's work? She said she started doing self portraits because she was always available and easy to work with. http://www.cigharvey.com/you-look-at-me-like-an-emergency/ Thanks for doing lunch!

  6. What a great find - these are a gorgeous glimpse from the past. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Those pictures are amazing, and how awesome is to walk into a place with so many items full of history?!


  8. Finds like this make my heart swell with joy!