Childhood Treasure

I found this treasure on a recent thrift trip with my mother. I was skimming the many board games and just as I was about to give up, it caught my eye: this vintage Parcheesi game in pretty good condition. All of my board game memories include this game. My dad used to play it with me and my brother all the time. It always took forever to play but we had lots of fun. Unfortunately my parents board didn't last through several more children, so we haven't played in a really long time. But now we can! I hope my kids will enjoy playing this game with me someday.


  1. what a lovely board game! the older look just makes it so much cooler to play :)

  2. oh, i always loved this game! i wonder if i dig around the attic i will find it to be as lovely as this one.

  3. Ugh, vintage stuff. Why you gotta be so awesome all the time? Nostalgia is going to break my bank.

  4. 1. is anything you own NOT completely chic & cute?
    2. thrifting things you loved as a child is really, truly the best.
    3. i've never played. would it be totally uncool to have a game night sometime? cuzidbedown.
    4. i, too, am constantly thrifting things that i count on giving to me future kiddos. that's how we've got a full shelf full of kid books, for instance. my favorite thing in the world is when robert finds another to add to the collection. but let me just say…have you ever looked through the toddler clothing at thrift shops? it KILLS me. i want to buy it all & stow it away…for years.

  5. That's a beautiful boardgame! I wish people still played boardgames like they did when I was little.

    Just had to say how much I love your blog! Really adore your style. I'm a new reader! :)

    xo. Mandy

  6. I have never played this game, but your pictures of it are so great it makes me want to learn. What a great find!

  7. My family is SUCH a huge game family too. Those memories are the best, huh? I'm pretty sure that we have this board too. :)