Goodbye, Truck

One of the tasks on our "Moving to Colorado To Do List" was selling Jordan's truck. This week, it finally sold (Only a month after we moved! :| All thanks to Jordan's parents for helping us sell it). I can't necessarily say I'm sad to see it go. I have never been able to drive it because I don't know how to drive a stick and I've had no interest in learning. But I cannot deny my attachment to it for sentimental reasons. That truck saw us through so many good times and represents a lot of our time together in Rexburg, Idaho. The inside of it still smells like it did when we first fell in love. That truck took us to a lot of dinners, a lot of late night hot chocolate runs, and a lot of classes in the winter. That truck made our "shooting guns in the middle of no where" parties THAT much more fun.

So Mr. Red Truck, all I have left of you is this picture of us sitting in you on a cold Sunday afternoon. But know that you have a special place in my heart. Have fun wherever you are...probably Mexico by now.


  1. Awe! All the best trucks are RED. My husbands had to leave us as well this past year. We both were sad to see it go :(

  2. "The inside of it still smells like it did when we first fell in love." perfect line. when are you publishing your memoir, or first set of short stories, or essays? seriously. please do, posthaste. i will read.

    also, cutest photo of you & jordan!

  3. haha SO sweet!
    I would have the same reaction to my husband's red truck! The memories!

  4. ahaha probably in mexico.

    you look stunning in this photo bri! :)

  5. This is exactly how I felt a couple of weeks ago. My fiance traded in his mustang for a new truck, and I think I was a little more sad than he was, actually.. Sentimental reasons of course..

  6. I got really attached to my red Volkswagen Cabrio and actually cried when we sold it because of the memories of my husband and I driving around in it when we were dating. Sometimes it's hard to give up your car. :(

  7. Oh gosh, right there with you girl. The mister used to have this old car that was a stick (so I never drove it). And it was so old, I'm pretty sure mold started growing inside. Never mind the fact that by the end nothing worked. But that old car took the mister and I on a lot of adventures. Driving home from high school every day together. Many, many chats about life and our dating situations to other people. Our first kiss. Miss that piece of metal with a steering wheel. It's all scrapped out, little pieces everywhere. So sad, ha
    xo TJ

  8. Hey Bee,
    Stopped by to check out your work. Love it! Are you in CO? There's an artist residency program here in our tiny little town in Paonia called Elsewhere. If you ever get the urge/time to dedicate a month or so to your work, it would be so fun to collaborate....I think you'd find yourself overwhelmed with inspiration with all the costumes, thrift finds, gorgeous faces, and beauty/fruit that floods our valley. Look forward to keeping up with your blog. m