Read My Lips//Merriment

1. I find confidence in my relationship with God, and knowing that He thinks I am beautiful no matter what, even when I think I am having an ugly day. 
2. I find confidence in my families constant love for me. 
3. I find confidence in playing music. 

My lipstick shade is "Coral Seduction" by L'OREAL Paris. Haha, I know, the name is funny, and although I have been a very "girly girl" for most of my life, I only just recently started wearing lipstick when I found this shade. Before then I had never tried any that I liked enough to wear! But I love this coral color because it's fun and vibrant and reminds me to always be myself, even if that means being a total dork and making corny jokes sometimes, or saying something stupid in-between songs at a show. Performing on stage has always been somewhat an area of insecurity for me in my life, but the more I force myself to do it out of love for playing music, the more I find that I am growing into my own skin and getting more comfortable with myself on stage, and remembering that I have a family who supports me and a God who loves me unconditionally always gives me the confidence to be myself no matter what. And of course remembering to whip out my coral lipstick! 

Isn't she adorable? Christie is in a band with her brother. They are Merriment. You should check out their music. My favorite song is "I Give Up". Thanks for stopping by, Christie! 

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  1. This is adorable and I love that shade of lipstick.

  2. oh, i do love this shade on her! lovely with her hair color.

    lindsey louise


  3. Does she have a blog? I absolutely LOVE Christie!!! xoxo

  4. I'm a sucker for red lips! Well captured! your blog always inspires great photos! Keep it up! xoxo Madi


  5. I adore Christie! This is a lovely shade.

  6. Love this and the truth behind your words Christie! I saw you at a show in Springfield and you were wonderful, I love Merriment! You are beautiful, thanks for sharing :)