Moving Stinks

A week from today we will be packing all of our things into a moving van and heading on our way. Can I just say how much I dislike moving? It's a lot. I just wish little elves would come in here and pack everything up for us. Then also travel for us and put it in storage for us. And a foot rub would be nice too but I'm flexible on that. I don't think I'm being unreasonable. We found out that we will be living in Grand Junction, CO for at least the next two years. Unfortunately that is four hours from my family and friends. But we both feel good about it and we're excited to have a totally new experience for both of us. We are also excited that we will be closer to Utah friends. Shout oouutt. Anyone live in the Grand Junction area and have nice things to say about it? Also, anyone know of some moving elves I can get a hold of? Help a sister out.


  1. I live in a small town 1 1/2 hours from Junction and it is beautiful. Plus, I have met so many great friends. I think you will love it.

    As for the elves, I have yet to find a suitible packing helper. Procrastination is my friend, then I'm forced to just get everything in boxes!

    Good luck with everything!

  2. I actually LOVE packing! It means new beginnings, new adventures! It's the UNpacking that I hate with a vengeance.

  3. I don't live in GJ, but have driven through a few times on the way to Utah. My husband and I agree that GJ is absolutely gorgeous and have said that if we were ever to decide to settle in CO, it would be in Grand Junction.

    Moving sucks, but it will be over soon enough. Good luck! :)

  4. So glad you're gettin outta H-town. What a total change of scenery! Colorado seems like Valhalla compared to Houston.

  5. i hate moving too, i tend to not move for as long as possible, which is saying a lot when you are in college i feel like. i've lived in 3 places total during collage. we will most likely, about 95% chance be moving in april, moving everything, like furniture, everything. as i'm sure you are and i'm just not looking forward to it. colorado should be awesome, it will be worth the packing, and i haven't found any packing elves yet, sorry. (i bet the elders quorum would help out haha)


  6. I'm a Colorado native born and raised you will love it! I love Colorado it will always be my home. We live in Utah now and it is about an 8 hour drive to visit my family in Colorado your lucky yours is only 4 hours :) Enjoy the adventure and enjoy the journey! I've been to grand junction a few times, I'm from Longmont/Boulder area up north, it is all beautiful!

    xo Felicia


  7. I have no elves but want to share an idea that could be useful for you: When packing, put a number on every box and in a notebook note the number and list the things you put on it. Thus you can find anything you need in just a moment without unpacking everything.

    Xo, Deborah.


  8. The colors here are just lovely. Unfortunately, I know no elves... good luck with your moving! xo

  9. I LOVE the bow in the back of the bun. Very smart. As for moving, I know it sucks, (I recently moved) but when it all comes together in the end, it is totally worth it. So just stick in there and you'll see :)

  10. Moving does stink! Cute varsity jacket!


  11. I'm sorry Texas hasn't been your most favorite place to live ever. Texas (particularly the Galveston/Houston area) is my home and I love it with a big portion of my heart so it makes me sad you've had a hard time here. But I understand, I've been away from home for a long time and there's just something about the familiarity of home and the comfort of being close to family that nothing could ever replace. So I'm really glad you can move back to Colorado (even if you're a bit of a drive from your family.)

    Also, I'm not an elf by any means, but I am in Spring for the next week and a half visiting my in-laws and if you need any help packing/moving, I'll happily volunteer myself and my husband. (No foot rubs, though, sorry.)

  12. I feel your moving pain. Post graduation we got to move back to where I'm from. Then my husband got a great job eight hours away. It was so, so hard to leave my family and best friends. But I fell in love with the new city and its architecture and our ward. Then my husband took a transfer so we could be more centrally located amongst family members. I'm still eight hours from mine, but we're significantly closer to his. Still about 16 hours, but better than over 30. And I'm really starting to love this city, too.

    There are growing pains that come with uprooting your life for a place you've never been to, but I really hope you come to love Grand Junction.

    "If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who ever lived."--Jeffrey R. Holland

  13. My aunt and some cousins live in Grand Junction--they've been there several years and really like it! I've only driven through, but they've always spoken very highly of it. (They are LDS so I imagine this means their ward has been welcoming & good too.) Good luck!!

  14. WELL, it may not be denver…but i for one am excited to have somewhere in the state of colorado! we should have a playdate some time. er, more like a fort slumber party. : ) sorry about moving though…you summed it up: it stinks.

  15. I kind of love moving. Well...packing. The moving part is tough, but I LOVE packing and unpacking all my stuff and everything having a perfect place. Wish I could've been your elf. It would have been just like the old days- me doing the hard stuff while you watch and tell me I'm doing a god job =)

  16. You are just sooo cute. It's not fair to the rest of us.

  17. Seriously loving the letterman's sweater, and your ability to wear it so well.

    And Carly's comment has me bursting out laughing.

    I didn't consider how close you will be to Utah...another little blessing that is lovely to see through it all.

    Now pack and git yer beehind up here.

  18. "bee" hind---GET IT???????

    Ahhhh....I crack myself up.

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