22 Things

Today is my last day as a 22 year old. There have been a lot of firsts this year as well as some other things sprinkled in between. I stole this idea from Bridget: here are my 22 things at 22.
1. I opened an etsy shop.
2. I photographed my first weddings as the main photographer. 
3. I tried Nutella for the first time. 
4. I saw a Sucré show. 
5. I benefited from Jordan's garden
6. I shattered the glass on my phone. 
7. I got the ombré
8. I decorated the heck out of an apartment
9. My wedding ring was stolen. 
10. Favorite read was The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. 
11. I found an interest in design and worked with some lovely people. 
12. Got a new car. 
13. Purchased a record player and lots of records.
14. Mostly wore these pants.
15. Started writing music and getting over fears
16. I worked two jobs for the first time.
17. Fell in love with instagram.
18. Listened to the newest Punch Brothers album about a million times.
19. Endured my first summer with Houston heat.
20. I got to travel to Denver and see my family five separate times.
21. I started learning more about Family History/Genealogy.
22. I spent the whole year teaching the 4 and 5 year olds at church with Jordan. And loved it.


  1. oh my gosh, lots of ups and downs for you this year. your wedding photography is phenomenal! :)

  2. That's a great 22 :) I can't believe your wedding ring got stolen!! That's so horrible. But at least you had a bunch more ups to level that out. I hope 23 is even better!

  3. this was awesome. and those pants? I VANT. xo

  4. Happy birthday, girl!! 4 and 5 year olds are adorable! They say the cutest, most random things and their perception of life is so innocent! Hopefully that will be on your 23 list :)

  5. Loved this post. Good idea! The Hiding Place is my favorite book...actually ended up writing my thesis on Corrie ten Boom and Christian Ethics.

  6. Seems like quite the eventful year! Hope you have a great birthday - welcome to the year 23! It's holding the best of us haha


  7. I think this is such a great Idea!! Absolutely love it and will be doing it when I turn 23 :)

  8. GURL. That song you wrote is SO pretty!!! Your voice is amazing!