Read My Lips//Secondhand Sundays

1. I find confidence in my zest for adventure.
2. I find confidence in my femininity.
3. I find confidence in knowing that everyday I draw closer to realizing my dreams through determination and a lot of hard work.

My lip shade is a neon orange, Revlon Moon Drops in 24k Orange to be exact. I almost didn't buy this lipstick because I thought it would make me stand out too much, but now when I wear it I feel confident in my appearance and happy that I take these little risks. In life I find we too often back down from the unknown or the unfamiliar, and end up regretting it. Sometimes it's the scary things, the unknown things, that drive us to succeed and work harder. So instead of shying away from risk I embrace it, and wear it like some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I hope my bright lipstick reflects my inner strength and confidence to be just Bekuh no matter what.

Find more of Bekuh at Secondhand Sundays. She is, obviously, adorable and her blog is full of fun crafty stuff as well as vintage treasures. You'll definitely want to check her out. Thanks for sharing with us, Bekuh!


  1. Bri, thanks so much for having me on your blog today! You're one special, crazy, talented lady.

  2. Bekuh is awesome! I just love that shade on her, it looks so good with that necklace!

  3. Bekuh is so cute. I love her fun and simple style.

  4. Beautiful girl! Love those red lips.


  5. i absolutely love the "read my lips" series! so fun to meet new ladies through their lip color!

  6. I think I've said this before, but I really adore this Read My Lips series--such a fun idea, and such a cool way to meet more bloggers.

    And you know what? Bekuh is right--there's just something powerful about putting on a bright lip color. I'd been having a bad week at work (I'm a middle school teacher), so I just popped some red lipstick on today, and I felt unstoppable. So thanks for the great post!


  7. i just love bekuh! bekuh & bri? uh, dream team.

    p.s. i do realize i still owe you one of these...actually, i took the photos ages ago. but i feel like i looked really weird in them, so it's on my calendar to re-do 'em. literally -- next tuesday! hope that's ok. : ) they'll be much better. it was 1000 degrees outside on the first try. i look like a wax statue of a melting witch.

  8. My oh my is Bekuh adorable or what? :

    This is such an awesome series! ...so creative!