Alone Time

Jordan was gone this weekend for military stuff. So I had lots of time by myself. I ran errands and organized things and decorated things and watched a lot of The Office and Friends. If I have learned anything this summer, it is that I am the type of person that can only handle so much at once. If I have too much on my "To Do List" I just won't do any of it. So I am trying to keep from doing that by allowing myself to move at a pace that works for me. This means that, no, we are not totally finished unpacking. And no, I have not finished all the projects I've started. But we're getting there and that is good enough for me, gosh darn it.


  1. this outfit is so cute! the skirt looks extremely comfy. i also love the diy posted below! i might just have to try it out!

    lindsey louise


  2. In the past six months I've had more alone time than ever due to my husband's Navy training, and soon we are moving to our new base so it will be more alone time than I even want to think about. So I have definitely found my own pace, and it really they key to my sanity.

    Love all your beautiful long skirts.

  3. Your hair is so cute! I love that outfit! Lovely!

  4. haha gosh darn it. i'm the same way- if my list starts getting overwhelming instead of feeling motivated to cross some things off i get scared and ignore it.

    and i lobe what you're wearing here, you look so sweet in that floral skirt!

  5. wait this outfit is so unbelievably perfect i cant take it.

    also, i'm the same way. its making school so hard this semester.


  6. Nothin' wrong with taking some time ! I agree, if there is too much on my list, I also get overwhelmed and want to just give up on the whole thing! lol
    ...you are so not alone in that!

    P.S. I love your look! so darn cute!...and I'm still lovin' that ombre look on you too! :)

    Can you share a bit more about taking these "self portraits" ....do you use the camera timer or a shutter release? How long does it usually take to get the shots that you want?

  7. this outfit is soo cute, I just love it so much :)

  8. i love this look and I always have to pace myself or things go crazy! where is your skirt from? It looks vintage and i love it :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  9. Love the outfit!


  10. I am exactly the same way. Unfortunately, my current job is not sensitive towards though tendencies!