Thrift Tips

I get a lot of questions about my thrift store experiences. So I thought I would give some tips on what helps me most when I am shopping secondhand. It's really easy for me to get overwhelmed when thrifting. There can be too much to take in at once and frustrating that I can't get to everything. So here is how I keep that from happening. Here we go!

1. Go with a purpose. It's good to have an idea of what your closet needs when you go to the thrift store. I am usually looking for tops and skirts. When you know what you need, it's easier to focus on just those sections.

2. Quickly skim! This allows me to cover more areas of the store in a smaller amount of time. I walk down the aisle just looking at the tops of the hangers, like in the above picture. If a color or pattern catches my eye, I will look at that piece specifically. With this method I risk missing some good pieces, but I'm also saving time by avoiding a bunch of clothes I'll never wear. Looking at the picture above, there are a lot of colors and patterns that I know I would never wear. (The only section that I look through piece by piece is the t-shirts. But even then I only look at certain colors.)

3. Try things on. At secondhand stores, it's best not to look at sizes. Base size on what looks like it would fit your body. If you like something, it never hurts to try it on! Trying on will always help you: either you'll love a piece more or realize it's not for you.

4. Come back to it. When you are serious about buying something, take a break from it and go look at other things. Preferably things that aren't clothes: kitchenware, books, movies, etc. Once you are done browsing, look back at the pieces you have and make sure you're still interested in them. This step sounds silly, but quite often I'll look back at what I have and realize I don't really want something. Saves money and space in your closet.

5. Review your closet. If you are still interested in a piece, think about what you already own that you could pair it with. You will need to be familiar with your closet for this step.

These tips won't work for everyone, but they have worked for me. Hopefully one of these will help you next time you're thrifting. Have a good weekend!


  1. These were really handy. I usually like to go through every rack and of course always end up buying things I never needed! Will keep in mind these tips when I'm thrifting again!


  2. These are great tips. Most of the time when I buy something I end up never wearing it cause it can't be remixed. Haha. I'm working on it :)


  3. i completely agree with these. only problem is here where don't too great of thrifting, i've tried but everythings always picked clean. sad.


  4. Thanks for sharing your take on thrifting! I do a lot of the same things like the skimming because it would take forever and I tend to get things I probably would never wear. And it's good to step back and re-look at your pieces because sometimes I get really adventurous and pick up some crazy lookin things. haha.

    ps. I ADORE your blog girl


  5. that thrift stores looks huge! what one is it? and thanks for the tips. i agree with the purpose one especially , sometimes i get carreid away ;)

  6. I love thrifting :) Now that I just moved somewhere new with the husband I need to find the stores around here!

  7. This is so helpful- thanks so much!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  8. These are great tips!! I LOVE thrifting!!

  9. THanks for the tips! very helpful. P.S. I love your cute blog.

  10. I love thrifting, but I do get that same overwhelmed-can't-see-everything feeling. Haha!

  11. great tips! particularly the go with a purpose one.

    I am always so jealous of american/canadian thrift stores, we have nothing like that over in england!


  12. I definitely need to get better at trying things on - it's not a step I like because I'm lazy when I shop, but I think it'd probably be best haha! Thanks for sharing these!


  13. best tips.

    you have to do a tutorial on your post processing because it is just so good.

  14. Thank you thank you!!!! I've had a love/hate relationship with thrifting. I LOOVE the prices, but I get easily overwhelmed trying to find certain things. But these tips deffo helped me! I'll keep them in mind when shopping at Savers sometime. :)


  15. Great advice. And I really like that lacey number. And your hair....and you!!!

  16. Great tips, I can't wait to go thrift shopping and try them!


  17. that second hand store just looks like a jackpot in and of itself. wish there were some of those in las vegas!

  18. that second hand store just looks like a jackpot in and of itself. wish there were some of those in las vegas!

  19. girl, i'd go thrifting with you ANY day.

  20. great tips! your thrift store looks AMAZING by the way!


  21. These are excellent tips!
    I love thrifting and always find things i like but don't love and will buy them anyways, I need to be more aware of how to shop in thrift stores that's for sure. Thanks! :)


  22. Such wonderful tips! I love thrifting but sometimes find that I don't have the time and get completely overwhelmed with the abundance of options in store!

  23. you definitely nailed it! i used to be bad about going in a thrift store and getting whatever i thought looked good. now i try things on, and pick out what won't work with the clothes i already have, and it's incredible just how much that's changed my thrifting!

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog; it's so lovely! Looking forward to continue reading along. xo


  25. You're totally at Family Thrift! :) I love this store and I love their kooky random pricing. $3.23 ? $1.74 ? HA ha! I'm taking my best buddy there for my bday extravaganza next week.

  26. Thanks for tip number 4 , that's gonna save me a lot of money spent on things i will never wear :p