Sucré//Part II

Over the weekend, we were able to see Sucré play in Houston. They only have a few shows lined up, so I was really excited that they were coming here. They did such a good job. Stacy's voice is a dream. I also got to meet Elsie Larson, aka Elsiecake from A Beautiful Mess. She was so adorable and sweet. We also experienced a first: a follower of The Secret Life of Bee spotted us in the crowd and introduced himself. Actually what he said was, "What's a not awkward way to tell you that I follow your blog?"... it was awesome. If you haven't heard Sucré's album, please take a listen! They are very talented and deserve your attention, I promise.


  1. Great pics.

    That is a really really great thing for that follower to say.

  2. You are really lucky to have seen them play :)
    I've only listened to the album a few times so far. It's lovely. Once school is out you can bet I'll have it playing in our apartment everyday.

  3. Confession Time:
    Ever since I've seen this post I've been listening to them. I think I'm in love.



  4. I want her dress so much!!


  5. i absolutely adore sucre and was so sad that i couldn't see them in Dallas because it was a Tuesday :(. Darn 8AM work! These pictures are fantastic though!

    xo- Magen crumpled fantasies