Vintage Road Maps.

When we were in Denver, we found another treasure at Goodwill (besides the dress): a whole lot of vintage road maps. I have been stalking different vintage maps on etsy.com for quite awhile now. So when I picked up a random map in one of the bins, I realized immediately what it was and I flipped when I kept finding more and more buried in the bin. They are so beautiful. They range from around 1954 to 1967 (or so I can tell). Some of them look like they have never been opened. I plan on framing a few of them as wall art. I am also considering selling some of them on etsy, but I might end up being greedy and keeping them all to myself. What do you think?

The colors! The fonts!



  1. Love these! I bet other people would buy them, but if I were you, I don't think I could bear to sell them!

  2. such a unique find! i live in pennsylvania...the pennsylvania map and "tourguide facts" are interesting. :-)

    happy thursday!

  3. ahhh! so amazing! also we were just in colorado over the weekend. :)

    thanks for the inspiration for more awesome thrift finds.


  4. wow, those are ace treasures you scored! you've given me a lot of hope for my next thrifting trip; everything you find - from clothing to accessories - is so special. quite the stack lades!! love the darling photo and your amazing glasses (i studied them closer in your other post, they're awesome) with cute top knot.

    i'd keep em' for sure. ♥

  5. they are amazing! if i were you I would keep them, they call out to me with endless possibilities of projects I could make with them :)

  6. oh goodness, sell some! i am already drooling over these! genius!!!
    xo TJ

  7. Those are beautiful!! What a find!


  8. i really love the first photograph. it's just right.

  9. Fell in love with this post quite some time ago and decided to feature it in my friday favorites post! Hope you don't mind:) Check it out if you wish!


    <3 Leney