1. My instagram has turned into picturesofmeinmycar-gram. It's whateves.
2. I bought a pillow specially made for back and side sleepers. It is so amazing.
3. I have been really proud of my bangs lately. They have reached "Zooey" status as far as I'm concerned.
4. This week I finished the book
The Hiding Place. It was really thought provoking and, kind of, kicked me in the butt and made me realize some things I need to change.
5. I finally got a second job. YEE.
6. I have been wearing my hair up a lot lately. Partly because of number 3, but mostly because I'm lazy.
7. Jordan and I went exploring in old abandoned buildings a few days ago. Pictures of that coming soon.
8. I have watched THIS video about 25 times since Tuesday.
9. One of the kids in our Sunday School class calls me Sister Mushroom. Not to my face, only to his family. His mom told me. Never Brother and Sister Mushroom, just Sister Mushroom. How awesome is that?
10. Jordan surprised me and bought me this awesome yellow couch that we saw at a community garage sale. We are so close to having our own place we can almost TASTE it.


  1. your so pretttttyyy!! I'm loving all your outfits(:

  2. That song made me cry so hard. I don't know if you heard about Matt's sister, but she has been fighting melanoma for 5 years and it's back and it has spread all over her body. She found out on her birthday. She has three little boys. She isn't giving up, but she only has a ten percent chance. "She was the only woman you ever loved, that got burnt by the son too often when she was young. And the cancer spread and ran into her body and her blood. And there's nothing you can do about it now." Heartbreaking.

  3. I LOVE that video, so so good. Also, I love all of your pictures, they're adorable! Sounds like you're having a great week :)

    xo, Meghan

  4. seriously, you are so cute it's killing me.

  5. I was typing while holding the baby. Obviously it is "burnt by the sun," not son =)

  6. love love love your bangs! wish i could pull them off. xx

  7. Your bangs totally look like Zooey's, super cute! xoxo

  8. first, you make me want to have bangs. However I don't have your beautiful hair and cute nose to compliment the bangs so I'm guessing it won't work.

    second, I want to see this yellow couch.

    third, I am so excited for you to get your own place, whenever it happens.
    We lived with my parents for a year then moved into a chicken coop. (it really was, turned into a duplex). It was tiny, cold, and smelly and the best place in the world!!

    forth, I just like you a lot.

  9. you are adorable! you have such a cute style :)


  10. These pictures are seriously too cute! I love seeing your little changes in hair/clothing/beverage each day! haha Your bangs are definitely Zooey status! I'm reading your blog for the first time now and honesty when I first saw these pictures I thought you reminded me of her! Total compliment, right? She's amazing. Anyways, love your blog! Definitely following!

  11. Super duper sweet blog!
    Fun going through your week with you...

  12. You've got such pretty teeth! haha.

    I just sent an email to ya.

  13. The Hiding Place is one of my favorite books. I read it several times in high school:)
    And I love your circle instagram car pics. So fun.
    AND I've been pretty proud of my bangs lately as well. Zooey status is definitely a good standard.

    <3 Leney

  14. Yep. These pictures are adorable. What does Sister Mushroom even mean? Is that a compliment???

  15. Yay for Zooey status hair! That's definitely the look I like, too. I'm not sure I pull it off quite as well as you do, though :)