I've been reminiscing with my converse the last couple weeks (As much as one can reminisce with shoes, which apparently is a lot). I got these my freshman year of high school and it's just been making me think about all the people I have been in these shoes. It's weird to think how much has changed in seven years. I used to write the names of my love interests on these shoes. There are guy's names crossed out or, in some cases, blotted out forever with sharpie. Now there is just Jordan's name on there because, obviously, I am still fifteen inside and I had to write his name on there.

I loved being a teenager. I had so much fun being stupid and young and dramatic and obnoxious. I think it is important to be all of those things at one point. So I guess I won't get so annoyed at the loud teenagers that sit in front of me at the movie theater. It's just there turn to be all of those things.


  1. i wore my old black chucks today too. i prbly got them when i was 18. (so 8 yrs ago! yikes, i'm old.) they have paint all over them, are coming apart at the seems and have chunks missing from them. they also have brand new laces which i will NEVER part w/. all the reason i love these shoes and will never give them up. and b/c like you say, they make me fee like a different person, a younger one who had a lot less responsibilities.

  2. I need those. in purple. timeless.

  3. agree...converses are the best and they share alot of moments with you. I had the hardest time getting rid of my first pair, but there was no way I could wear them anymore. :(

  4. I didn't know that =) That's presh.

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