Married Things.

We're gonna try something new on here called Married Things. It will just be a fun little way to share funny/heart-warming/little things we encounter in our married life fun. I really love this guy and I don't want to forget this time we have being just the two of us before we have little ones. So every so often we (I) will share little things that we want to remember.

For the first edition we are going to talk about "Waitresses that flirt with your husband while you are out to dinner". Come on, ladies. Do we really do this? I wouldn't have let it bother me so much if she didn't ignore me the whole time and then get my order wrong and never bring me the ranch I asked for.

Besides speaking my mind to Jordan, I did two things: I made sure to look her straight in the eye every time she came to our table (I was not going to let her pretend I was not there) and then I took it as a compliment. Jordan is a catch and she can flirt with him all she wants, but I get to go home with him at the end of the night. He's mine, Waitress from Texas Roadhouse (and I wouldn't have it any other way).

Did you get that we were making a heart in that last picture? It was his idea.


  1. That is adorable, I like the way you handled it so classy and positive for your relationship! this feature is going to be really fun to read!



  2. i just love those pictures. you two are adorable.

  3. I love this idea! And these pictures are adorable- especially the heart :) I think you handled the situation very well. I would have been pissed. Ha!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. As a former server, it could've been one of four things:

    1. Remembering ranch is like the hardest thing in the world. Any "extras" don't make it out of the kitchen when you're busy.

    2. We were seriously told to give extra attention to the one paying because they give you the tip.

    3. She thought he was the bees knees and a hot biscuit and would daydream that she was in your chair.

    4. She thought YOU were the hot biscuit and couldn't make eye-contact for fear of giving herself away.

    Personally, I think it was numbers one and four.

  5. So cute! I love the pics. I can totally relate to this. I was a server for a time and made sure to NEVER do this because I feel like is it disrespectful! But I also take it as a compliment as well because I also think my husband is such a catch!!
    Love the idea of "married things"

  6. This happens to us too! And David is so outspoken and... crazy... that he talks to her and it seems like he's flirting back. HA!! Poor girl.

    excited to read these. marriage is so fun :)

  7. nooo, i just thought y'all's feet were just pointed awkwardly like that haha i loooove it!

    you should have taken her out. like, out back. hahaha. and it IS such a compliment, liiike.."i won" hahah.

    i was in class one time, and we had to stand up at the beginning of the semester and we had to state our name and then something interesting that had happened to us that week...and i mentioned that i just got engaged ...and the teacher said, "to who" and i said, "well, wade leavitt is his name" and this chick stands up and was like.."wade? i used to date him! he was my first kiss"

    gag me. she was like 8 months pregnant. seriously, people! what do you say to that.."..glad it didn't work out?"

    haha loved this post. cute pictures!

  8. Love the new feature! And your outfit is adorable.

  9. you guys are so cute!
    That eating out story has totally happened to my husband and me! Actually it even happened at the pediatrician with my kids! It was so annoying!
    Even if they are told to give extra attention to the one paying? they couldn't possibly know who is paying. Your husband could have "forgotten" his wallet or maybe it was his birthday. Then you could have said "Sorry no tip because you flirted with the wrong person!" jk

  10. Aww, these pictures are so lovely! And the scene in the restaurant was nicely handled ;D Looking forward to the next one! ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  11. i've been thinking of what to do when this happens!!!! sometimes i want to order by saying, "i'll have the _____ and i'm his wife who he loves and adore so stop making oogly eyes at him." but that would just be embarrassing! i guess i'll go with you and just take it as a compliment- after all, i did marry one sexy man ;)

  12. I'm a new reader to your blog and I absolutely love it!
    Featured a link to it on my friday favorites post on my blog:)

    <3 Leney


  13. Cute that you're both using your hair for staches, lol.

  14. seriously??? Who does that? Even if you WEREN't married. Super awkward! I'm really bad at not getting jealous about things like that!

  15. These pictures are adorable. And I love your reaction to the waitress.

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  16. haha i thought that just happened in movies. When i was younger i prob would have wanted to flatten her, but now, well i'm a lot more confident in my relationship so i would prob like you take it as a compliment. I love your heart :)

  17. Hi! I just found you from Gentri Lee : ) I can not wait to keep reading! your blog is so cute and I love those pictures : ) stop over and follow me too if you like!


  18. I think I love you guys....

    Too much?

    ...I get happy every time I come over here : )

  19. thanks for stopping by my blog. you and your hubs are SO cute and this post is SO cute and i think i just might have to copycat you and start doing this! being young and married really is a special time in our lives and i feel all warm and fuzzy now so thanks ha.

    mrs. dtf

  20. You two are ADORABLE. Stopping by from Mr. Taylor & His Lady and happy I did!

  21. Heh - *love* how you handled that... :) It is a compliment, really, when you think about it...just given in a totally obnoxious way. Love your heart picture!

  22. Part of me loves when this happens cause I know my husband is a fox, and then part of me gets super crazy annoyed/jealous…but he probably enjoys that cause then I'm all over him! HAHA!

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  24. Bri, I just found your blog and your instagram today and I think you have become one of my new favorites. But I must ask...where did you get this lovely shirt?! I own a Schwinn road bike from the early 80s (who I have properly named Winnie the Schwinnie...), and your shirt is too perfect!! Would you mind sharing where you got it?