Today was just a splendid surprise of a day. Jordan came home from work after having only been there an hour. He was given the day off which is very good cause homeboy worked every day last week instead of his normal five days. Not only did he come home early, he also brought me breakfast in bed! Kolaches. He knows me so well. If you do not live in Texas you might not know what kolaches are. I sure didn't know what they were when I first got here. But I quickly learned and they are simply the best breakfast ever. Then I decided to have our Christmas card photo shoot because I know taking pictures is Jordan's favorite thing. ;) I don't want to show all of them because I want it to be a surprise for the people we are going to send cards to but here is a sneak peek.

I forgot to mention that it was a cloudy, rainy day today. Those are my favorite. I went to work: I nanny two kids, a boy and a girl, after they're out of school. After they had finished their homework, the little girl and I stayed warm under the only blanket we could find and proceeded to sing all the Christmas carols we knew.

A few other random things happened in between to equal a pretty lovely day. Oh, here is a picture where we can see what Jordan thought I meant when I said I wanted to hold mugs in a shot... Not quite but nice try, Mister.

(If anyone is in the Houston area and looking to have their end of the year photos taken, email me.)


  1. You two could not be any cuter. Seriously. Could you please take my pictures!? xo, rv


  2. YESSSSS!!! i'm glad your sweetheart got to come home early (really early!:) from work and get the day off! and brought you breakfast in bed, love it :)

    and the photos of you 2 are fantastic! especially the mug shot ;) Goodness, we still need to get ours taken!

  3. i went to texas a year ago and tried kolaches-they are the best thing, ever! and your photographs are so darling. you are a lucky woman :)

  4. These pictures are just lovely! You did them yourself?

  5. Yep! I just use a remote. You can actually see the remote in my hand in the second picture.

  6. These are great for Christmas cards. Your dress looks beautiful and bright.