A New Year.

Today I turn 22. A lot has happened in my 21st year. I think this is the year I learned the most about patience. And boy, did I need it. I want to set goals for this new age of 22. Katherine from Thrifted Things just had a birthday last week and talked about what she hoped to accomplish this next year. I think I will do the same.

1. Take more pictures. 2. Spend less money. 3. Be kinder. 4. Serve more. 5. Read more. 6. Love Jordan more. 7. Try new recipes. 8. Call my family more often. 9. Pray more. 10. WORKOUT. 11. Go to the temple once a month. 12. Try to keep things clutter free. 13. Be a better friend. 14. Work on forgiving faster. 15. Smile more.

Here's to another year of becoming!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    A good list of things to accomplish! Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday. That looks like a great list of things to do, change and become. I like your bangs!

  3. happy happy birthday! great idea of setting goals for yourself, i try to do the same every month.



  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY!! :D I hope it's a great one. I love the goal list. I'll have to do that when my bday comes. Or maybe for new years, since that's much closer.

  5. Love the bangs!

    Hope you have a stellar birthday :)

  6. you are adorable! happy birthday :)