Christmas Must Haves: Family Pictures.

Everyone either loves or hates taking family pictures. I am in the love category, obviously. Thanks to tripods and remote controllers, we will probably never pay for anyone to take our photos again. Personally, I prefer to take our pictures anyways. Not only because I can get it to look the way I want it to, but also because I know my family and I know how to capture who we are in our photos. If you are someone that hates family pictures but would like to love them more, here are some tips and tricks for having successful photo shoots.

Try not to make the clothing all uniform. I have found, the best looking family pictures are ones that do not have everyone wearing a white shirt, jeans, and no shoes. Raise your hand if you have ever worn that, or something like it, in family photos. We want our photos to capture who we are, so why not dress everyone in stuff that they would wear normally? You can pick a general color scheme, and go from there. I would even suggest having a couple colors that go well together and letting everyone pick from there. Layers in clothing are also great. Believe it or not, when everyone is dressed the same the picture becomes about the clothes and not about the people.

Make it fun. I know this is a very broad idea but here me out. As a photographer, I know that the first 30 or so shots are not going to be very great because it takes a little while for everyone to "warm up". The best thing to do to make the warm up process go faster is get everyone laughing. I am serious about this, it works like magic. It gets rid of the awkward "I forgot how to act in front of a camera" feeling and everyone looks good when they're smiling. Props work really well for this step too.

Get everyone's input. When everyone is involved they start to care more about the photos. We all have those people in our family, either husbands or brothers, that are not afraid to vocalize their hatred for family pictures. Well, include them in some of the pose ideas! Sometimes they come up with really cool shots. Other times they can't come up with anything because they realize it's difficult. Then they stop complaining and everyone wins.

Take candid shots. Sometimes the best pictures aren't even the ones when everyone is looking at the camera. Be yourselves and all will go well.


  1. Great tips Bri! Great photos too!

  2. Love this. :) and those pics are all so cute!

  3. Love your dress! Your mom that she looks so beautiful!

  4. these pictures are seriously great! oh, and thanks for the great tips :)



  5. LOVE these tips! I'm almost done with my gifts for you :) be expecting them!