The night before our wedding, my grandfather and great uncle gave me a beautiful gift that I will cherish forever. Remember when I told you about my Great Grandmother? Well the gift was the charm bracelet she kept during her life. It is beautiful and tells such amazing stories. I feel so privileged to have it. It means so much to me. I have been wanting to share pictures of it for awhile but I didn't have the right lens for it.

All of the pieces are super tiny. The average size is that of a dime. That last one is the biggest and is about the same size as a quarter. This bracelet is a real treasure to me. (I used a lens attachment to take these pictures. They were super inexpensive and can get super close up, obviously. You can find them on Amazon.com.)


  1. Wow! What an amazing treasure! I love all the different charms!

  2. Wow! Bee, that really is a treasure. What a special and irreplaceable gift to be given on your wedding eve. Stunning. xo, rv