Well, Hello There.

We have gained quite a few new friends over here. I just wanted to say hello and officially welcome you all: new and old readers. Thank you for all your wonderful words. You are all too kind to me. I wanna get to know you guys a bit. Tell me about yourself. What's your name? Where are you from? What is your favorite book? What is your favorite movie? Anything else you wanna tell me? Go ahead.

I'll go first if that makes you feel better. Okay. My name is Bri. I have a lot of nicknames, though. You can call me whatever you'd like. I am originally from Colorado. Majority of my family is there, but we are currently living in Texas. I have a few favorite books but my number one is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. My favorite movie is Sabrina, the one with Audrey Hepburn. Something I'd like to tell you? I like to dance. I don't wanna brag but I'm pretty good on the dance floor. And when I say dance floor, I mean the kitchen or living room or anywhere that isn't actually a dance floor. Now you go...


  1. Hey Im a new follower :) Im Kristen from wtfarmywife.blogspot.com! Im from Florida and my favorite book right now is Bossypants by Tina Fey. I am in love with the Harry Potter series and have been to the theme park more times than I can count!

  2. Hi Bri! My name is Fee and I live in Germany. My name is not pronounced like the english word "fee", more like the Fé in Santa Fé, just with a longer vocal. It means fairy in German. I love "Middlesex" and "500 Days of summer". And I love to paint with my fingers on a fogged window :)!

  3. Hi Bri,
    My name is Kiley and I have lived in California since I was a wee little babe. My favorite book is Joan Didion's "The Year of Magical Thinking". It's a tear jerker but it got me through some hard losses.

    I like your glasses. I rock a pair, too.

  4. Hey! I'm Kaycie and I grew up in Utah. Since getting married, we have moved to Vegas for my husband's job. I miss the snow. I love to Kill a Mockingbird! Lately my favorites have been Matched and Delirium. I love to sing! But usually only when I'm in the shower or the car.

  5. This outfit is perfection!! I love it so so much!

  6. Hello, My name is Buffy, and even though I am like...your aunt...I would like to properly introduce myself. I have too many books that I love to have a favorite, but I do love "Mitten Strings for God" and "The Gift of an Ordinary Day" Both my Katrina Kennison...you must read them when you have children, not babies...kids. I was born in California, but have mostly lived in Colorado. My favorite movie is a hard one too. I love all Jane Austen and love Somewhere in Time. I've never felt comfortable on any dance floor unless it's slow dancing with my man...you know him...your 7 year old crush. And I'm finding that right now I am having to get to know myself again and what I really like, now that my kids are getting so independent. It's an interesting placed to be. Love you...and your blog!

  7. Hello, my name is Autumn. I first started following your blog because I could relate to the long-distance marriage thing. I'm from a small town in Kentucky and met my husband at BYU. We're both in grad school right now, and I'm teaching school while we're waiting for his job to take us to Georgia next summer.

  8. Hi Bri! I actually went to SHHS with Carly, Lindsey, Melissa, and a bunch of other people I'm sure you know. I happened upon your blog one day and just love reading your posts! :)

  9. claire here (though my blog alias is kitty) I was born in seattle, raised in utah and am currently still here finishing up my degree in art. I have too many favorite books, a tree grows in brooklyn, the giver, enders game. My favorite movie ever is Amelie (it's in french!) and I'm currently dying to see The Future and The Tree of LIfe.


    p.s. Brit is my art friend at school! and we talk about your loveliness regularly :)

  10. I've followed your blog for a little while now, but I guess introductions are in order anyway:

    I'm Torrie, and my husband Matt and I live in Utah where we both go to school. I graduate in the spring with my degree in English Education (woo hoo!) and am loving newlywed life. I have diverse interests and like to just try out everything, so that's why I came up with the "Change It Up Challenge" on my blog: it's allowed me to delve into various new realms, such as yoga, creative journal writing, nutrition, using a slow cooker, etc. etc.

    Let me know if there's anything else you want to know. Or you can just check out my blog:

    Love your blog!

  11. Hi Bri!

    I've been following your blog for awhile now. I came across it from Carly's. She and I were roommates at BYU in Provo. (I'm pretty sure I met you in passing at our apartment when you visited.)

    Anyway, my name is Natalie. I was born and raised in Galveston, Texas (a little island about 50 miles south of Houston.) But right now I live in Athens, Georgia with my husband who is working on his master's degree in music. (I get what you mean about living so far from family. It is so hard.)

    I love books so it's difficult to pick just one as my favorite. But if I had to choose it would probably be The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Favorite movie(s): The Hours or Dead Poets Society. Also, I love music-- everything from Led Zeppelin to Bon Iver to John Adams and Philip Glass.

    I'm over at natalieandbrenden.blogspot.com
    (really clever name, I know.)

    PS- Go down to Galveston sometime, if you haven't been already. The beach is okay but you'll want to see the historical district and The Strand. Lots of cute shops and beautiful architecture. (Sorry about the super long comment.)

  12. Hey! I'm new here :) I'm Eliza St.Clair, and I blog at http://asteroid-325.blogspot.com/ I love your blog! I am newly married to my best friend, we're both still in school. I'm pursuing my Masters in Educational Psychology at Virginia Tech and have decided to pursue a degree in Midwifery once I'm finished at VTech! It's very nice to meet you :) xoxo, eliza

  13. Ok. Just found your blog and loving it! Consider me your newest follower :)

  14. Hi I just found your blog and love it so far, I'm Shaina I live in the beautiful fun state of CO, my favorite book is Harry Potter but right now i'm loving the Hunger Games, my favorite movie is Almost Famous, and I love music, which is a lot of what I blog about as well as love life and natural parenting. thanks for a beautiful blog