Week of Family.

Well, It's been a little quiet over here lately. Jordan and I spent four days with my family in Denver and quickly spent a day and a half with his family in San Antonio. It was a lot of fun but we are beat. Something happened to me that I never thought would happen. I fell in love...with a puppy.

His name is Gatsby. My family just got him a few weeks ago and Jordan and I adore him. He is a Teddy Bear Yorkie and we are seriously considering getting a puppy like him eventually. If you know me at all you know I am not an animal person, not even a little bit. But this little guy stole my heart. This is so monumental.

Now we are back in Houston and ready to settle back into our daily routine. How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. isn't it funny how non-dog people can change completely when meeting the right dog :). i was a non-dog person until i met our roxy (a chihuahua of all dogs!!).


  2. your family photo is lovely!
    & cute puppy!

  3. How could you not fall in love with something that adorable?! I love the photos of you and the family, it's fun and festive without being cheesy!