Well friends, there have been some emotional moments this week. There are things I will never share on here for obvious reasons, but what I will share is life has struggles. Sometimes it feels like those struggles are being thrown at us all at once. But what I can't deny is this...

Marrying Jordan was definitely the best choice I ever made, even with the struggles that have come with it.

(I made the first sign with THIS tutorial. The second sign is stenciled.)


  1. I love the sign you made! It's so sweet!
    Life can be crazy hard, and marriage even harder. It seems like it's easier to be blinded by the trials than to remember why we chose to work through life's craziness with our spouse. But it is SO worth it every time you make it through hard times TOGETHER :)

  2. Thinking about you today pretty lady. Much love. xo, rv


  3. You make me so excited to get married some day :) Love you!

  4. thanks for the comment, it means i found your blog yaay! i love the little signs they're the cutest!