Happy Halloween.

For some reason, I have been extra crafty lately. I've been sewing anything I can get my hands on. All sewn by hand too and I don't say that as a compliment to myself but more of a, "Man, aren't I dumb that I am too afraid to figure out my sewing machine?" Anyways, I have had this polka dot dress in my closet for a really long time and finally found something to do with it: I used it to be a doll on this day of dress up fun. (I have also been a bit doll obsessed, recently.) I am pretty proud I made this all by myself. I mean, it's nothing spectacular but it's still fun that I can say I fixed this bad boy up myself.

This little girl, above, is my little buddy. Jordan and I just got called as Sunbeam teachers at church, which means we teach the 3 and 4 year old kids every Sunday. It has definitely been a challenge, but we are learning a lot. I have known this little one since we moved here though. I've babysat her on several occasions. We looked so much alike tonight, we had to get a picture. Hope everyone is having a good Halloween!


  1. If you weren't already my daughter, I would want to adopt you.

  2. you are SO cute! i also love helping teach the little kids at my church... the friendships i make with the little tots are so special! <3
    i'm following you now! :))