Yesterday was a monumental day.

It was a monumental day because I saw my favorite band of all time. It was amazing. The whole show was awesome, even the opening bands. There were several times during the show that I had this overwhelming realization that I was actually there. I have been in love with this band for three years. I know that is not as long as some people, but this band has still been apart of my life and their music has had such an impact on me. There were times, I will admit, that I was on the verge of getting emotional but it was only when I would start to sing along with them. It is so surreal to be singing songs that you have listened to 100+ times with the actual people that are behind the songs. It was a long night and I was in a lot of pain from standing for 4+ hours, but it was worth it. The song I was most happy they played:

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