Guest Blogger: Thrifted Things.

Hi there :] I'm Katherine from Thrifted Things! I'm super excited to be here today. I think Bri is just the cutest and I can just tell she is a genuine person.

Bri asked me to do an outfit post today, but she also recommended doing so in my favorite place. My favorite place is home. I've lived in the same house my entire life. I know nothing different. I have so many memories in this house. Running into the garage door with my bike, having sleep overs with friends, family dinners at the kitchen table, rushing home for curfew, Christmas parties, spending time with my loved ones, sleeping in way too late on the weekends. I grew up in this house. Any of you know the song "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert? That's how I feel about my house. This house did build me. I started living in this house when I was 3, I am now 19. I have changed so much in those 16 years. But one thing that hasn't changed is this house. This house that isn't just a house, but a home. I will forever love coming home to this house, being surrounded with loved ones and peace.

shirt: mom's (thrifted), pants: ross, shoes & purse: thrifted, glasses: forever21
This wreath has been hanging on my front door for years. When I've been away at school, I love coming home and seeing it. I love being reminded that my home is happy.

Katherine is super cute, right?! She has some of the best finds from thrifting and she is super crafty. She will teach you awesome, easy ways to spice up your closet. Check her out!


  1. Ahh! She's so cute. XO, Rae


  2. I LOVE that you did this guest post for Bri (or Bran as I like to call her) seeing as you two are probably the coolest people in my phonebook. Love you both!