Guest Blogger: No Two Fish Are Alike.

Well hello to all you Secret Life of Bee readers! I'm Brittany of No Two Fish, and I am so overjoyed to be guest posting for Bri today.

Bri asked me to share a little bit about my favorite place, which is fitting, because I actually just returned. My favorite place in the entire world is my Grandparents' cabin, and it's been my favorite place since I was nine or ten. I love the lake and my Grandma's cooking, I love spending the entire day in my swimsuit, I love the sun and the tiny town and the RV park down the road. I love that Dairy Queen is the only ice cream shop for 50 miles or more, and that every year, my Grandpa takes all of us grand kids and tells us to get anything we want. I love the rainy days, playing games with my uncles and antiquing with my aunts. I love that we all have matching hats with the cabin embroidered on them that we only break out once a year when we visit. I love seeing family I haven't seen in years, watching little cousins grow up. I love tradition, I love being with the people I've known and loved as long as I can remember, and I love the love that is felt there.

Now that I'm all grown up and married, I had the chance to take my husband to the cabin for the first time, and I don't know if it felt magical to him - maybe it's just because I've idolized the cabin for half my life - but for me, it was the best trip to date. Who cares that there's not enough room for our growing family in the cabin any more? Who cares that we had to sleep in a trailer (with my 11-year-old brother on our 1-year anniversary)? It's not about the cabin itself, it's about my family, and how much love I have for them. For me, the cabin is the best place in the world.

Brittany and I actually went to high school together. We didn't run in the same circle of people but we totally should have! Britt is super creative and stylish. You will love her blog, check her out at No Two Fish.


  1. I love Brittany :) We had her and her husband over for dinner last night and they are so hilarious.

  2. So cute. They look like a fun couple. xo, rv


  3. So nice photos!
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  4. I love brittany too!
    We used to work together at BYU, and I miss her like crazy:)
    And of course, she is absolutely Gorgeous!