Guest Blogger: An Eclectic Heap.

When Bri asked me to do a guest post about my favorite place I was so excited but really had to think. Some of my favorite places include thrift stores, my car, and the library. When I started thinking I felt like I really didn't like those places that much. I always felt like there was more. I absolutely love my apartment. I never want to leave. It's only 500 square feet so I had to be pretty creative with my decorating techniques. My living room doubles as my studio space and my bedroom doubles as my Etsy Shop home base. Luckily, I live alone so I can have everything spread out.

Photos from left to right: 1. My 60's bright orange chest with cookbooks and trinkets all around, 2. New sewing spool rack with a few spools (the rest are in my sewing stuff for class), 3. Blue velvet love seat couch - probably one of my most beloved pieces. I love the carved legs, 4. Me in my family room with a sunset from my porch, 5. DIY chevron rug and some recent purchases, 6. An incomplete inspiration wall, 7. Lots of unlisted Etsy items, 8. Bookcase and part of my wooden spool collection, 9. My beloved record player, 10. Another view of my living room love seat along with my metal cart and granny blankets in the background, 11. The sewing table I can never seem to keep clean, 12. Granny cart trinkets.

I've only lived in my apartment for about six weeks. My apartment collecting has been going on for about three years prior. I have had the same 'style' for as long as I can remember. It's kind of a vintage romance. My apartment was built in 1923. I love to look at all the scuffs on the creaky wooden floors and imagine all the memories that have been made in my 500 square feet throughout the past almost hundred years.

Rae is just darling. Her and I are legit "blogger friends" and we have been scheming and planning some exciting things coming soon. So keep your eyes peeled, but in the mean time check out her cute blog: An Eclectic Heap.

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