Blast from the Past.

When Jordan and I first started dating, my family was really eager to find out about him, especially since we were getting "serious" fast. So they decided to have us do a little question and answer video so they could get to know Jordan a little better. A week or so later, Jordan's family had us do the same thing for me. We had just posted them to facebook and for some reason everyone loved them, even people that I didn't really know. I have people asking me occasionally where they can find the videos, (mostly just Marissa) so I decided to finally post them on here. Also it was about this time of year when we made them. I cannot believe it has already been two years. It's so fun that we will be able to show these to our kids some day.

^^^p.s. pay no attention to how scrubby we look in this first video. ^^^
Sidenote: My roommate, Jenna, is the one in the background making comments. Jenna, I miss you terribly.
Extra sidenote: My little brother received his mission call today to Marshall Islands, Majuro!! We are very excited for him.


  1. I love Pushing Daisies too.

    These are cute :)

  2. I remember when you put these on Facebook, I loved them.

  3. I LOVE these. You two are my favorite. I'm glad I spent my Friday night watching these. xo, rv


  4. I wish we'd done this when we were dating! This is way fun. Loved watching it :)