Day Ten.

Something I made.

I made these photographs yesterday. If there is one thing I continue to learn with each photo shoot I do, it is this: It is never going to be like I imagine it; whether it's how I imagine the photos, or the place, or the people. I can plan as much as I want but all I can do is go and work with what I have. This shoot had the potential to be not so great considering the tired baby and an unfamiliar place. But we worked with what we had and I think they turned out wonderfully.


  1. That first one of Linds and Jace is GORGEOUS. And I love how huge Jace looks walking with that baby. Presh.

  2. You posted the other day about posting photography tutorials... I'd do appreciate that and definitely look at them!

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. you are seriously SO talented. love these!