Day Six.

Childhood Memory.

The childhood memory I decided to reminisce about is "The Pool". When I was little I would constantly be asking for sleepovers with my best friends, Carly and Tori. I mean, our parents would hear, "Can we have a sleepover?" as least once a week. When we would have those sleepovers during the summer, the next morning usually consisted of the pool. We would walk the half mile there, talking about whatever little girls talk about (probably Spice Girls and the boys we had crushes on). We would then swim our hearts out until we realized we were starving. Then we would walk the half mile back and have grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.

This pool is where I learned to swim. This is where we would re-enact scenes from The Parent Trap. I never brought my own swimsuit so I would end up wearing Carly's leotard as a suit, no joke. I have memories of this place from when I was five and terrified of the water and just held on to the side the whole time, to being in high school and laying out in the sun and talking about the upcoming school year. Most of the time I don't feel like I really remember a whole lot of my childhood, but occasionally I will remember things and little glimpses will come back to me and I cannot help but smile really big.


  1. This made me so happy. And sad. Like I wanted to laugh out loud and burst into tears at the same time. I miss those days but I'm so happy for these days. You get it, I'm sure. I'm just so glad that you are my childhood memories.