Day Nine.

Faceless Self Portrait.

shirt: Target; skirt: thrifted; belt: kohl's; shoes: thrifted; hat: Target

How is your thursday going? I hope you're having a good week. I just want to take a second and say thank you to all my followers for being so sweet to me and sending such nice comments. I really do appreciate it. Sometimes I feel ridiculous being a "blogger" but then I get messages from random people that have been inspired by something or have been touched by whatever I have said and it makes me really happy. You're all beautiful.


  1. I love these photographs! Your current blog design is so cute! Do you do it all yourself?

    xo, rae veda

  2. Yes, I do it all myself. It takes an embarrassingly long amount of time.

  3. I especially like the one behind the bush...very inconspicuous ;)