Day Five.

Someone I love.

These pictures, obviously, were not taken today. This was the night before I flew to Denver to stay with my family for the summer. We watched Extreme Couponing and a show about a woman over 900 pounds (No joke, she seriously weighed that much). That night we just spent our time together; this is what I miss the most. My love language is "time", which is ironic considering that time apart has been the struggle in our marriage so far. I am getting really antsy for these last few weeks to finally be over and bring us back together again. There is anticipation of a few more times when we will be apart again but this will (hopefully) be the longest amount of time. It's just not right to be apart for this long during your first few years of marriage. Anyways, this is the someone I love (and miss): My Jordan.


  1. You two are just so adorable!

    xo, rv


  2. You shouldn't make fun of people who weigh 900 pounds! I mean...I weighed 900 pounds once....or I think I had a dream I weighed that much....they have feelings too Bri...and what if someone is reading this who weighs 899 pounds...I think you may have just pushed them over the edge! Sheeesh!

    Oh and by the way...Loved the video! I loved the 1940's feel of the whole thing!