The things I carry with me.

I carry an awareness of my inability to properly express myself through words. I carry the desire to sing; to sing for everyone to hear. I carry clear evidence of youth. I carry love and nostalgia for those I am without. I carry past struggles with me always, not in agony but in remembrance. I carry bits and pieces of every person that has ever touched my life, for good and bad. I carry faith and a hope for the future. I carry the need to be learning every day because I still have much to learn.

idea taken from: Mrs. Nelson


  1. I really like this. I like hearing about things that people think about. But it's a different kind of thought. It's not a "I have something on my mind" thought, it's like a "I have something on my soul" thought. It shows the reality of people. And yours is a lovely reality.

    That made no sense.

  2. So, I sent you an email... But I don't know if I have your current email. It was your BYUI email. So If you don't get it, could you email me pretty please?

  3. My favorite part is the display. So perfect and organized. A girl after my own heart! Only where is the picture of me?

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