today was a good day.

You know those days where you don't really expect anything great to happen and then since your expectations are so low you end up having an awesome day? today was like that. I started working part time at the daycare because, let's be honest, that job is too stressful to be there five days a week. Now I work two days a week and it is awesome. One reason it is awesome is because the "older kids" (the children in my family are split between two groups: the older kids and the younger kids. The older kids being me, Spencer, Connor, and Emma) are officially out of school for the summer. Basically this means that Connor, Emma and I have gone to the pool twice this week and have no intentions of slowing down trips to said pool. I love the pool. Moving on. The heater in the pool is broken and it was pretty chilly today. So although we had fun we didn't last very long, at which point we found ourselves on a little adventure: We found a garage sale. And when I say garage sale I mean, this lady realized that she was a semi-hoarder and decided to throw everything in her house on her front lawn. We found a few things and Connor even got something for free; this just gave us the itch, the garage sale itch. We decided to look a little further for yard sales. We found a few more and as we skimmed the couple tables, Connor came upon a shoe. But not just any kind of shoe, a shoe phone. 50 cents, people. I mean, it's not like we can really use it, but it is still awesome. Connor loves all things eighties, so the shoe phone was no exception. It is the perfect edition to his room.

We concluded our adventure with a trip to the library. For the last while, I have been toying with the idea of reading comic books. I know what you're thinking and that is why I have been only contemplating reading them for the last six months instead of actually doing it. But today I decided to get over it and we went to the library to find me some Stan Lee goodness. I do not regret it. I wish I would have found them sooner. Comic books are awesome. They are cheesy and entertaining and fun. I am excited about it.
oh also, I had Chipotle today. And no day that includes Chipotle can be bad.

For those of you interested:
Jordan is doing great in Georgia.
We got to talk today for the first time in four days
(another reason why today was awesome). He said to me,
"Even though it's difficult being apart, I really love my job."
When he's happy, I'm happy.


  1. SO I'm an 18 yr old girl and I collect comic books. It's rad. Don't be ashamed :)

  2. Bri, this post made me really happy.