This is a Post About My Littlest Brother

This is Cooper aka "Coopy." He is the baby of the family. He was never supposed to get any older than 3 but, to my dismay, he has. I told him a little while ago that I need to get more hugs from him and he agreed. Now anytime I ask him for a hug, no matter what he is doing, he makes sure to come quick. The other day I heard him talking to my siblings. He said, "Hey, you know how Jesus likes you? Well I don't think He would like what you are doing right now." At the pool today, he would only let me catch him when he jumped in. I was flattered until the thirtieth time jumping in and I was like, "Can't someone else catch you?" Awh well, I still love him.

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  1. You're on the other end of your family from me. I'm pretty sure I have nieces and nephews older than your youngest brother. That's got to be awesome to have such cute little siblings.