Skincare Sally.

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  1. you are so stinkin' cute. and i love you. and miss you. and i steal mary kay from my mom too.

  2. Kam's right. You're cute. And honestly, my skin has been worse than it ever has been lately, and I feel like I've never found products that really really worked for me, I just keep cycling through whatever looks good at the store, so I'm excited to try some new things that hopefully I'll stick with for a long time!

  3. Oh I'm buyin those pills! You've convinced me.

  4. You are adorable and made me laugh multiple times!
    Your skin looks great, so good job!

  5. You can steal my Mary Kay...used to it.

    I would only add 1 bit to your routine, which by the way is great.

    Put something on the skin around your eyes...find a good eye treatment cream of some kind. I have used Olay Eye regenerating something for a month now and see HUGE differences. Your eyes will really start to show your age before anything else does, especially for women who laugh as much as we do. You'd think that whatever you use on your face would be enough--but I promise in a few years it won't be.