Saturday is a Special Day!

What I will do today:
-Survive the end of the world.

What I actually did today:
-went to a graduation party.
-went shopping at goodwill.
-lost my wallet at goodwill and had a panic attack in the store.
-got a call from goodwill as I was leaving the parking lot, someone brought my wallet to the counter. Thank Heavens.
-my three dollars cash was gone, but everything else was safe. worth it.
-came home and laughed a lot watching my brothers play baseball and then joined in.
-I watched Tangled.
-talked to my husbie for awhile. he is now safe in Georgia.
-I just miss him.

While I was panicking in goodwill and calling my mom, an employee that was trying to help me came up and asked me if he could pray with me. I said yes, of course. It was very sweet and, obviously, worked.

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