new challenge.

I have been thinking about something for the last couple of days and I have decided that I am going to challenge myself this summer. And that challenge is, I want to go the whole summer with no makeup. I am sure that some of you are thinking, "Oh geez, some of us never wear makeup. That isn't a challenge." If you are saying that to yourself, I applaud you and reply with, "I am not that way."

wearing only mascara in photo.

I have been wearing makeup since middle school and although I do not wear a ton of the stuff, I wear enough to make me insecure without it. I don't like this dependency I have on these powders and liquids and frankly, I should be at a point where I am confident without it. Now I will admit that I am not nearly as bad as I was in high school with wearing it, but nevertheless when I have no make up on I feel like people are watching me extra closely and judging me and noticing all my flaws and imperfections.

So here it is, this summer I am going with no makeup. I have decided to start on June 1st. I plan on testing the waters in the land of no makeup during this next month (What? Did you expect me to start cold turkey?) Since this is
my challenge and I make the rules, I am planning on letting myself be a little lax on things like mascara and lipstick because, let's be honest, on Sunday I need to dress up a little more. I have even considered making Sunday an "off" day, but that has yet to be decided. This is mostly about not relying so heavily on foundations and becoming comfortable and loving my own skin.

I am anticipating days when I cave and fall into my insecurities and cake all the stuff on my face, but that's okay. The ultimate goal of all of this is to further realize that I am me for my
mind and not my body.

I plan on posting on here about the struggles and learning I have during all of this.
If nothing else, I will save a ton of money.


  1. Great challenge. Maybe I should join in...maybe...

  2. Great Idea! I'll have to try it.

  3. You are a strong woman. I love this!

  4. Good luck Bee! Another blog I follow is going without shampoo and going for alternative, natural methods. Eek! I don't think I could do either one, but definatley wish you luck.

  5. I'm too fat to not wear makeup. I think I'll stick to my only pick me up. But kuddos. I salute you.

  6. looking fly in that photo, so you have nada to worry about.

  7. Wanted to let you know I awarded you with a blog award. You can see it here: http://whatwouldamotherwear.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-favorite-skirt-plus-blog-award.html

    Thanks for bringing sunshine to my day!

  8. I don't mean to call you out BUT... your hubby will be gone all those months. So I say good idea but, we all know we wear makeup to be pretty for the one we love. This will make it easier b/c you don't have that oh-no-he's-going-to-be-home-soon I guess I should get out of my PJs & put on some makeup moment. Just sayin.