my muscle man.

crappy pictures courtesy of jordan's iphone

Okay, I have to brag about Jordan for a minute. Jordan has recently changed jobs from Lifetouch photographer to construction worker. In other words, he just went from nice and cute to rugged and sexy (at least in my opinion)

This last Friday, Jordan was doing a little extra work for his boss by mowing his lawn. This isn't your typical lawn. This is a "get to ride around on a big man lawn mower" lawn. Well, about 10:00 in the morning on Friday my mother in law (Shellie) answers the phone to a panicked Jordan, "Call Barbara and tell her to come help me or the lawn mower is going in the lake." If you know Jordan at all, you know that he doesn't panic easily. Even in this moment, he would seem calm by anyone else's standards. Shellie quickly hung up to call Barbara (Jordan's Boss's wife, stay with me) only to have a two second conversation to send her to Jordan's rescue.

Later we get the story from Barbara.

After she hung up the phone, she bolted outside searching for Jordan. She started to get scared because she couldn't see him anywhere. Finally she spots the lawn mower, but no Jordan. Getting closer, she finds on the other side of the mower a Jordan: spread eagle, holding onto the 1500 lb mower by one of the wheels. Adrenaline much?
He had ended up going onto a part of the yard that they meant to tell him to avoid.

Not only is my husband strong but he is strong enough to pull out his phone to call for help while holding a 1500 lb lawn mower. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is. Needless to say, I was a proud wife that day, and thankful that we wasn't hurt.


  1. wahhh?!! cool. tell jordan that i will miss hearing the funny names of kids he photographs at lifetouch.

  2. hahahahaha that is AWESOME!

  3. He's like a superhero, that husband of yours.

    I am glad he was okay. And the lawnmower was okay, too!

  4. Wow, he must have had some fast thinking to be able to stay calm enough to call, and calm enough to be able to hold that lawnmower!