Happy Mother's Day.

lovin the hair, am I right?

I have always been pretty terrible at Mother's Day gifts. I just always feel insincere. And let's be honest, nothing I get for my mom is going to repay her for the task of being my mother.

It has only been within the last several years that I have come to really appreciate my mom and everything she is in my life. One of those, don't appreciate it til it's gone kinda things. One of my top three favorite things to do these days? Call my mom. I love talking to her. She just gets me on so many levels. When I was a teenager I hated how well she knew me, but now it is so comforting to just have someone that knows me inside and out and loves me (not only loves me, but also thinks I'm cool).

Probably my hands down favorite thing about my mom is that I know without a doubt that she loves me and will always be on my side. She is the most loyal person in all aspects of her life. I am so happy to have her as my mom and I am excited to come home and spend the summer with her and the rest of forever with her as my mother.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.

also, let's just admire how cute I was as a baby.
Man, I can't wait to have babies that look like that.

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