date night.

i went on two dates last night.

The First Date:
-We went to play miniature golf.
-It was fairly dark outside and poorly lit.
-It was windy.
-We were followed by two (large) children that insisted on hitting the ball
as hard as they could and finishing each hole in two seconds.
-The large children were then replaced with four little girls
that didn't wait their turn and hit their ball right into ours.

-I lost by a few points and now owe Jordan a 15 minute back scratch.
-We went to go get smoothies but the place ended up being closed.
-Then we went to Walmart.

The Second Date:
-We went to play miniature golf.
-There was a nice breeze.
-It was a very family oriented place.
-There was an awesome waterfall right in the middle of the course
and you get to walk right up to the top of it.
-I got to kiss the most handsome guy in the whole world.
-I came in second place, and I am just going to get a back scratch anyways.
-We went to Sonic for shakes and breakfast burritos.
-Then we took a trip to Walmart at which time we smelled every candle
on the shelf and ended up buying two of them. One that smells like clean laundry,
and the other that SERIOUSLY smells like my Grandma Patti (which is a good thing).

I prefer the latter.

this picture is cheese-tastic.


  1. i like that denver broncos shirt he's sporting! i want to go on a double with you...when we move to texas!