Saturday is a Special Day.

SO, Jordan and I are currently in Wimberley, Texas with my Opa and Oma. It's super awesome. I will have a few pictures to show for the trip when we get home, but for now....SATURDAY. (sidenote: my Opa and Oma are bird watchers, hence the bird picture)

What I will do today:
-I will try not to shoot the birds making lots of noise in the morning.
-I will go with Jordan and my grandparents to a flea market.
-I will find something cool.
-I will try not to stuff my face with too much food.
-I will see the lovely Jaimie in Austin.
-I will be sad about missing conference today.

What I actually did today:
-I ate a delicious cinnamon roll made by my Oma.
-I walked around for hours at the flea market.
-I almost fell over from hurt feet.
-I bought a few awesome things.
-I ate a hotdog.
-I laughed at my grandparents.
-I went with Jordan to Austin to visit Jaimie. We went to a pizza place that was amazing.
We saw her cute apartment, played with her cat and talked about funny things.
-I talked with Jordan on the ride home about exciting future plans for us.
-I watched a movie with the husbie.


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